Intermediate pegs are here to fit the 10U nets!

The Wylie Post proving successful in Junior hockey league

Going Side to Side with The Wylie Post

BOSTON, MA -- Before the 2016-17 season began, the Eastern Hockey League got in touch with Wylie Rogers. Rogers, a native of Alaska, is the founder of The Wylie Post and CEO of Wylie Inc. Like many hockey players, Rogers began skating when he was just three years old, and stood between the pipes for the first time when he was eight years old. 

The Wylie Post Install Video
The Wylie Post releases new product!!


The ZamRack was designed to provide rinks with a convenient place to store their pegs while they are not being used.  We also wanted a way to reuse the heat from the zamboni to warm the pegs so that they install flawlessly every single time the pegs are used.  The ZamRack uses magnets to attach to the tail of Zamboni or Olympia machines.  They also have predrilled holes to permanently adhere the ZamRack with self-tapping screws.  Our newest addition to the product line will be available for purchase in early February!

September 2016

500 more sets of pegs have started the manufacturing process out of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Pinto Products is dedicated to manufacturing The Wylie Post with extreme quality and care right here in the United States.



Pegs Enter Next Round Of Manufacturing!

Wylie Incorporated was presented with the Governor's Innovation in Safety Award for the creation of The Wylie Post April 6, 2016.  


This achievement is The Alaska Safety Advisory Council seeks to recognize innovations companies are making in Alaska towards the advancement of safety within their places of work.

Wylie Post Wins Governor's Innovation in Safety Award