Dr. Ping Lan

Dr. Ping Lan received his PhD from the University of Strathclyde, UK in 1995 and is currently a Professor in Business Administration at the School of Management, University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Prior to joining UAFs in 2002, Dr. Lan worked in Canada, Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom and China as a government official, an academia, a journalist, and an entrepreneur.  Dr. Lan and his wife June reside in Fairbanks where they both work as professors at the University.  He continues to mentor The Wylie Post and Wylie greatly attributes his success from Dr. Lans guidance. 

Ky Holland

Ky is a professor of business administration at Alaska Pacific University, a seed fund manager of the Alaska Accelerator Fund, and a mechanical engineer working on industrial products and manufacturing projects.  Ky and Wylie met at the UAA Business Plan Competition and has been the lead engineer on The Wylie Post from day one.  Ky played a pivotal role in the R&D required to create working prototypes and bringing the pegs to life!

John Miller- CFO

John was born in Alaska but grew up in Europe and New York before returning to Alaska in his teen years.  He attended Eastern Oregon University where he earned a Bachelors of Science in Political Science, Economics and Philosophy.  John and his wife Jacquie then moved back to Fairbanks where he earned his MBA with a concentration in Capital Markets.  It was Dr. Lan's "New Venture Development" class where he and Wylie became friends and began creating The Wylie Post.  John now lives in Bellevue Washington, where he works for Valley Medical Center and has taken on the role of CFO of The Wylie Post.