Production Line
Base Prototypes
Prototype Triangle2

The Wylie Post


  • Patented dual spike design uses the entire plate of the pegs to secure the net to the ice
  • Zinc coating in combination with the abrasive under surface of the pegs allows them to melt into the ice and refreeze with amazing grip
  • Goalies can finally push from the posts without the nets dislodging and causing unwanted stoppages in play
  • Urethane top is engineered to give goalies the feel and the safety of the 10" rubber (Marsh peg) system 
  • Allows goalies to push tight against the post, while breaking free upon player impact reducing the risk of injury
  • Urethane top is threaded so that it can be easily replaced if it is ever damaged or torn
  • The Wylie Post warranties the urethane tops for up to one year with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the pegs
  • Finally! The future of net anchoring is here!!